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List of short stories in the Erotic Romance category at short fiction - back to our genre list

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic Romance genre. Please do leave comments for the writers!
Erotic romance novels have romance as the main focus of the plot line, and they are characterized by strong, often explicit, sexual content. Erotic romance novels take the reader beyond the bedroom door where more traditional romance does not breach that barrier. The sex scenes, while explicit, are there for the purpose of character development.

Ten RANDOM stories from this genre

The Spanish Wolf: Ch. 1, date added; 2012-05-18, Angel Awakened, date added; 2013-07-07, First Time, date added; 2013-02-04, Tarot Ch 01, date added; 2014-03-03, William & Chelsea Chap 6., date added; 2012-03-12, The Widow Wore Black Chapter 8, date added; 2015-04-05, A Geisha's Power, date added; 2015-03-04, Red Horse, date added; 2011-08-07, Falling in Love in Shanghai (Chapter I), date added; 2012-12-30, Total Rush(chapter 2 ), date added; 2013-01-10,

Latest stories in this genre

A Slip of the Hand - Part 7, by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-07-21 Total reads: 1382
Madison and Daniel go back to his condo. Will they finally unleash their pent-up passion for each other?
Careful what you wish for-[IR-40]-part-1-of-1, by charles-smythe
Date added: 2016-07-21 Total reads: 971
inter-racial gang bang
The Most Perfect Breasts in the World., by Camilla
Date added: 2016-07-21 Total reads: 878
Brother and Sister Incest.
A Pounding Desire - Part 4, by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-07-20 Total reads: 1084
Sydney reconnects with Jack, and things heat up.
A Pounding Desire - Part 3, by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-07-13 Total reads: 1586
Sydney has a crisis when she finds out that she may not be the only girl in Jack's life.
A Slip of the Hand - Part 6, by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-07-12 Total reads: 1170
Oliver is getting back from Europe, and Madison is determined to stake her claim.
A Slip of the Hand - Part 5, by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-07-10 Total reads: 1088
Oliver has disappeared, and Madison attempts to entertain herself at his party.
A Pounding Desire - Part 2, by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-07-07 Total reads: 2321
Sydney is completely smitten with Jack. Are they dating? Just friends? Whatever they are, she wants as much of him as she can get.
A Pounding Desire - Part 1, by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-07-05 Total reads: 3656
The rhythmic pounding coming from Sydney's upstairs neighbor's apartment has been driving her insane. She doesn't like causing trouble, but she works up the courage to confront the occupant. What on earth could be causing that noise?
My Bellissimo Prince (Chapter 5- First day at.. work?), by Gracefiction
Date added: 2016-07-05 Total reads: 1350
Kris wakes, embarrassed and needy from last nights events, to find a sexy maids dress next to her bed. But she would never expect what was too come when she went to Dalians room to 'clean'.
Wedding Night Vows, by Pikapika
Date added: 2016-06-28 Total reads: 3197
Sloan and Celine have dated for year and have remained celibate at Celine's request, today on her wedding night Sloan is going to take what was denied to him for a year and more....
Beyond Redemption Chapter 6, by harrylime
Date added: 2016-06-16 Total reads: 2069
He convinced her that it was proper to taste the wine by licking it from each other's lips and she was soon driving her wine-soaked tongue into his mouth to show him how good the vintage really was.
My Bellissimo Prince (Chapter 4- Too good dreams), by Gracefiction
Date added: 2016-06-07 Total reads: 2033
Having a wet dream is one thing, but for that wet dream to become a reality is another. This is definitely a side to Dalian that Kris has got to learn.
My Bellissimo Prince (Chapter 3- Blushing and flushing), by Gracefiction
Date added: 2016-06-05 Total reads: 1254
The strange man visits Kris' again, reminding her of her place. But she seems to be growing very flustered around him.. Maybe it's just the heat?
My Bellissimo Prince (Chapter 2- Dark room), by Gracefiction
Date added: 2016-06-04 Total reads: 1016
Kris is awakened realising that she is in a unknown place, with a bullet wound in her leg. Her captor then pays a little visit, telling her that if she does not obey she shall be punished.
My Bellissimo Prince (Chapter 1- Introduction), by Gracefiction
Date added: 2016-06-02 Total reads: 1178
Sipping sangria and partying was all that was on Kris' mind, but never did she know that she was about to be kidnapped by a handsome blurry face...
Better than breakfast , by Pikapika
Date added: 2016-05-29 Total reads: 5798
M/F a couple makes movie marathon plans for the weekend and ends up having a marathon sex session. The story takes place the morning after...
Newlyweds , by the515
Date added: 2016-05-24 Total reads: 5339
A wife seduces her husband while he's at work
Remember When., by Camilla
Date added: 2016-04-30 Total reads: 1950
Apathy and Disinterest rule, ok.
Erotic Romance? Well it takes all sorts., by Camilla
Date added: 2016-04-27 Total reads: 2448
Lost in Darkest Norfolk...
Falling in Love Again., by Camilla
Date added: 2016-04-25 Total reads: 1601
Short love song for someone.
The Guy With The Sexy Voice- Part III , by Melody
Date added: 2016-04-09 Total reads: 4027
After fighting off her attacker, Ester and James finally get to fuck each others brains out!
Diplomatic Affair Chapter 3, by harrylime
Date added: 2016-04-08 Total reads: 4235
His instinct told him she was stark naked under the covers and moments later he confirmed his suspicion with a happy smile.
My Mind's Portmanteau, by adagio_sabadicus
Date added: 2016-04-01 Total reads: 1864
erotic, dark
Hack! Luckiest Man Alive, by Bobjj123
Date added: 2016-03-30 Total reads: 2676
M /F, survival in a cruel world.
A night alone, by bubblebuttbecca
Date added: 2016-02-25 Total reads: 11344
A night alone with my husband got a little spicier than usual.
A Fateful Melding – An Ominous Dialogue, Pt 2, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2016-02-22 Total reads: 1494
Oh, yes the flaming hypocrite. He could say what he liked, but he’d kissed her, kissed with a desire that begged for more.
A Fateful Melding – An Ominous Dialogue, Pt 1, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2016-02-21 Total reads: 1509
It was nothing more than loneliness and fear that made her want to bind him to her, overpower him with desire and induce in him a protective obligation, but she realised the fallacy. It would just be sex.
A Slip of the Hand - Part 4, by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-02-19 Total reads: 3808
Madison's invited to a party at Oliver's. But how did she leave things with him?
The Captive – Dreams and Sanity, Pt 2, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2016-02-19 Total reads: 2121
His gaze halted momentarily on the stud in her navel before trailing up the fine indent on her upper belly, to the moulded white polyester and lace gripping her rounded breasts and to the press of her bare cleavage. Fuck off, creep!
Babe, come nap with me, by TheletterS
Date added: 2016-02-18 Total reads: 7237
A nap leaves me refreshed, but now i need something to get me energized.
Kane, Son of Dolan – Snippet of History, Pt 2, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2016-02-18 Total reads: 767
Did Dana know what she was doing, Kane wondered? What might this lead to? More than kisses, more than wayward exploration… Yet did he know exactly what himself.
A Slip of the Hand - Part 3 (UPDATED!), by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-02-17 Total reads: 1771
Madison tries to piece together her night.
Iris Eyes are Smiling, by JamesRTickit
Date added: 2016-02-17 Total reads: 1634
slow and steady start to a relationship
The Captive – Dreams and Sanity, Pt 1, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2016-02-17 Total reads: 1053
Turning, in a thrill of wild excitement and fear she battered her way through the cover, blinkered by the dream of freedom, the fallible thought that she could disappear before her captors’ very eyes.
The living room, by MissNightshade
Date added: 2016-02-17 Total reads: 6741
He was watching me with a look I knew very well. "Want to have some fun?" he asked... Het, Oral
A Slip of the Hand - Part 2 (UPDATED!), by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-02-14 Total reads: 2519
Anything can happen at a band's after party--especially when alcohol starts flowing. How will Madison's night end?
Through the Eyes of Molly Mae – The Eagle’s Heir, Pt 2, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2016-02-14 Total reads: 539
The hiss of affirmation made her smile; Tavis of the Eagle, as for any man, liked the thought of getting head…
Partners in Paradise Chapter 4, by harrylime
Date added: 2016-02-10 Total reads: 3233
She started to tingle with the familiar surge of her release unable to stop her orgasm from taking control of her sinful body.
Through the Eyes of Molly Mae – The Eagle’s Heir, Pt 1, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2016-02-10 Total reads: 1033
Molly Mae had seen him many a time in the Taverna below with his men about him; he sullen and silent, drinking slowly of his dark ale and glaring a baleful green eye at the revelries; they mostly cheerful, quick to drink and quicker to fuck.
A Slip of the Hand - Part 1 (UPDATED!), by scarlettrosestories
Date added: 2016-02-09 Total reads: 2958
Madison knows every word to every song by Oliver Rose and The Thorns. She finds herself living out a fantasy when a handsome stranger invites her to their after party. Can she suppress her nerves long enough to make a good impression on her idols?
Kane, Son of Dolan – Snippet of History, Pt 1, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2016-02-09 Total reads: 815
Dana was his friend, her large grey eyes trusting, loving as she took in his presence, the smile spreading her full lips a joy to his sight. If only he could kiss them, if only he dared.
One Last Night, by eroticromancewriter
Date added: 2016-02-01 Total reads: 5749
This is the story of two perfect strangers and their fleeting and lustful juxtapositional destiny together. Told from the female p.o.v.
I Must Please My Husband, by L.C.
Date added: 2016-01-28 Total reads: 8714
M/F. A young virgin is taken by her husband on their wedding night
The Guy With The Sexy Voice- Part II, by Melody
Date added: 2016-01-28 Total reads: 2192
After saving Ester from her attacker, James was adamant that she not spend the night on her own
Just the story, by bsodders
Date added: 2016-01-21 Total reads: 3167
The newest of relationships are often the most intense, theirs was no different.
The Other Woman - Victoria StoryPart 4, by Tisha
Date added: 2016-01-20 Total reads: 1124
Should we allow our past to dictate our future?
The Trainer (Part 21) Blake and Connie eat dinner and drink a toast to a better year., by JanellElizabethMeyer
Date added: 2016-01-13 Total reads: 898
Partners in Paradise Chapter 3, by harrylime
Date added: 2016-01-11 Total reads: 2922
The servant girl from Okinawa was tearful because she was accustomed to tickling his prostate with her full red lips and stroking his long think member with her delicate fingers like the schoolgirls of his youth.
The Guy With The Sexy Voice- Part I, by Melody
Date added: 2016-01-09 Total reads: 3208
The mystery man that makes Ester so wet turns out to be her knight in shining armour part 1

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