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List of short stories in the Erotic Romance category at short fiction - back to our genre list

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic Romance genre. Please do leave comments for the writers! Or how about visiting our Short Fiction Forum to chat about the site, stories, and authors?
Erotic romance novels have romance as the main focus of the plot line, and they are characterized by strong, often explicit, sexual content. Erotic romance novels take the reader beyond the bedroom door where more traditional romance does not breach that barrier. The sex scenes, while explicit, are there for the purpose of character development.
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Ten RANDOM stories from this genre

Lucy and Heather - part 2, date added; 2011-07-29, Lost in the Mountain Wilderness, date added; 2013-09-23, Mistaken Identity part 2, date added; 2013-11-19, The Spanish Wolf: Ch. 2, date added; 2012-06-20, Circus Boy, date added; 2013-12-09, Storm & Derrick Chap. 7 The END !, date added; 2013-01-16, In olden days, a glimpse of stocking..., date added; 2012-10-21, Rekindling Shards- Part 3, date added; 2014-04-17, Mated to Red Chapter 16, date added; 2012-01-28, Best Friends Forever, date added; 2011-09-01,

Latest stories in this genre

Fuck Paris, by galatea
Date added: 2015-09-01 Total reads: 199
She moved the Metro's shoddy turnstiles as carefully as you move aside the arm that holds you when you wake in the night, but Paris betrayed her. I will never forgive them for it.
Letter To Reader, by Juls Stahh
Date added: 2015-09-01 Total reads: 123
The Seduction of Rogan - Chapter Six, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2015-08-26 Total reads: 534
He was beautiful and vulnerable in that moment, his throat exposed like an offering, hands straining both to reach for the abundant erection at his groin and ease it, and to keep them away, and resist. (F/M, Voy, Mast)
A Bizarre Romance of Growing Tension 2 (Final), by kiwiYarns
Date added: 2015-08-21 Total reads: 848
Jessie still refuses to ask for ask (a condtion imposed on them by Tom. But when Tom meets her over-sexed younger sister Jessie begins to exhibit signs of jealousy and that suggests a happy ending.
A Bizarre Romance of Growing Tension, by kiwiYarns
Date added: 2015-08-20 Total reads: 1092
Lusty mother, semen samples, dried cow pats thrown at invasive helicopters, deathly-white thighs, a police beating and interrogation, upturned vulva, ramming ram, top-shelf luxury and masturbating on a sunny riverbank. Whatever next?
The Seduction of Rogan - Chapter Five, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2015-08-16 Total reads: 488
No more was there room, or thought for Dana, despite what either of them in their naivety may have wished. This was the knife, the lash and killing thrust to her heart – he had accepted it far too easily… (F/M)
Frankie, by JamesRTickit
Date added: 2015-08-15 Total reads: 1373
I meet a woman who was wearing a very noticeable dress
El chapter nine, by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-14 Total reads: 289
Endless Sea of Pleasure, by eroticromancewriter
Date added: 2015-08-14 Total reads: 2425
This is a very short fictional text that tells the story of a boy and a girl (Anonymous to make it more relatable) and how she looses her virginity. Told from the female p.o.v.
El , chapter eight , by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-11 Total reads: 365
this chapter revolves around Andros and a few others at Rylian ,(sorry no romance lol)
El ,chapter seven, by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-10 Total reads: 244
best read consecutively,this is part seven , dark fantasy/adventure, Kyrel and Julianna finally reach Rylian.
School gate Daddy, by Moneypenny
Date added: 2015-08-10 Total reads: 2010
Joy finds the school run to be more interesting than she thought
The Seduction of Rogan - Chapter Four, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2015-08-10 Total reads: 495
“I would come with you,” Dana whispered hesitantly, her words fearful, yet equally filled with hope. “Two days, that is all. Two days and I be free… free to go with you.” (Voy, Mast)
El,chapter six, by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-09 Total reads: 404
dark fantasy/erotic story.
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El ,chapter five, by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-05 Total reads: 339
The Seduction of Rogan - Chapter Three, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2015-08-04 Total reads: 487
Her expression turned thunderous at his reticence, “Think not that I will be diverted, Goodman, for I do know whom you sought when first you took after your brother. I am the Priestess and servant of the Heartstone. Secrets fall before him, and I will have yours." (F/F/M)
El , chapter three, by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-03 Total reads: 474
16+, Kyrel and Julianna start their long journey to find his mother.adventure with sexual scenes later ,hope you all enjoy
El, chapter four,Andros, by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-03 Total reads: 282
though this is more of a dark adventure story i have had to put it into erotic stories as there will be such scenes eventually,this chapter revolves around Andros.
El, chapter two, by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-02 Total reads: 356
This story is best if reading chapter to chapter to follow the story,there will be romance/erotic scenes but it is also dark adventure,i would appreciate any feed back ,thank you all.
El, by Juju Majik
Date added: 2015-08-01 Total reads: 440
i would really appreciate any feed back this is my first time writing,please give it a chance and check out the other chapters..i've had this story sitting in the back of my mind for a long time,there is romance eventually,but the story is based around a family feud,written from both brothers perspectives. This story is best read chapter to chapter to understand the plot . Kyrel is from a race of vampires long forgotten by humans. Julianna and Kyrel's paths cross.
The Seduction of Rogan - Chapter Two, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2015-07-27 Total reads: 982
“Sweet Melan, what is this I spy? Fresh meat.” A soft voice threaded through the noise. Rogan found himself confronted. The lass was small and pretty, her dress a tight cinch to her waist, her small bosom bulging high above the lace neckline of her garment.(Voy,F/F,M/M)
Dear Diary, by galatea
Date added: 2015-07-26 Total reads: 911
Please convey to Gretchen my desperately earnest apology for breaking into her apartment to read you.
The Seduction of Rogan, by Sydney Whyte
Date added: 2015-07-23 Total reads: 1184
Erotic Fantasy with a dash of Paranormal
Imperishable Flame, by galatea
Date added: 2015-07-18 Total reads: 1780
Wet clothes, vasodilatation and a rapid pulse will suck down your core temperature mighty fast, especially if your core isn't very big.
Choose Your Words Carefully, by galatea
Date added: 2015-07-07 Total reads: 1470
He says his word is "Law," but I would have guessed "Jackass." Apparently you get to pick your own word. My word is "NO!!!"
The Bridge of Dreams, by hedinsen
Date added: 2015-07-03 Total reads: 2126
A bridge of dreams over the muddy waters of life. A teen-age girl finds the otherside to life is not filled with the troubles of her generation, there can be haapiness. (over 16) Mf, rom
Universal Translator, by galatea
Date added: 2015-06-21 Total reads: 1553
The hostess had an impressive collection of jewelry, silks and accessories that she offered to share with the group. We all started chattering and playing dress-up. That was a language I spoke perfectly well.
Charlotte Has a Gun, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-06-11 Total reads: 2512
She thought it was kinky and unnatural but she kind of liked it and gave me access to both of her entryways laughing when I used my phony Italian accent and spanked her cheeks with wild abandon.
If The Glove Fits, by galatea
Date added: 2015-06-10 Total reads: 1959
Since ancient times, the fragility of a woman’s hands has marked her social status, and for me, fastening the pearl buttons of a full-length, suede mousquetaire, assured me that my dream had come true. (FM)
Playtime at The Hyatt, by WinstonBentley
Date added: 2015-06-04 Total reads: 3827
Role play has finally arrived for Rob and Claire and the long journey was well worth the wait!
Love in the Club, by Melody
Date added: 2015-06-01 Total reads: 7337
All she planned to do was have a night out after a gruelling week of work M/F
A Silly Idiom, by galatea
Date added: 2015-05-31 Total reads: 1861
So yes, anyhow, she wept every time we did that and glowed like the full moon every hour in-between. It was her dream, I realized, a honeymoon of sorts with her lifelong love. (FFM)
The Man on the Bridge Pt Three, by DragonLover94
Date added: 2015-05-27 Total reads: 1518
Marissa starts the day worried but ends it in bliss.
VISIONS, by WinstonBentley
Date added: 2015-05-22 Total reads: 2461
A story of enduring love and lust
His Secretary Has a Secret, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-19 Total reads: 6959
She was a little afraid of Derek because he had a reputation of bending unsuspecting females over and making them pretend to be boys for his pleasure.
A Bride for Seven Brothers Chapter 4, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-18 Total reads: 4921
The sounds of Scarlett being spanked was so loud that Sheila begged Angus to do her like that and to spank both cheeks hard for being such a naughty girl.
Reverse Inferencing, by galatea
Date added: 2015-05-18 Total reads: 2023
Mick is fun: surfer boy, good head on his shoulders but careful not to use it, no questions, no promises, no love letters, hands like a hungry squid, good kid all around. He is always up with the sun, but today I decided he should sleep in. I love it how a good ejaculation knocks a man out. (FM)
A Bride for Seven Brothers Chapter 3, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-17 Total reads: 4762
The touch of Ewan's hot tongue on her nether region had triggered a desire for deep penetration into her flanks but she was far too ashamed to suggest it to her new husband or the other brothers.
A Bride for Seven Brothers Chapter 2, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-15 Total reads: 5346
She sat close to her new husband shamefully thinking about his six other brothers all patiently waiting for their turn with the new bride.
A Bride for Seven Brothers, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-13 Total reads: 7246
Sheila whispered into her new spouse's ear, "I would be perfectly happy to give them all a female bridge over troubled waters until we find nice girls for all of them."
A World Beyond This Place, by harrylime
Date added: 2015-05-09 Total reads: 3494
The man made no attempt to hide his manhood and she stepped forward into the light of mother sun and allowed him to see her nicely curved female form.
Best Friends Forever, by janus
Date added: 2015-05-09 Total reads: 3760
2F/Kissing/Lesbian sensuous love making: including a homage to Collettes poignantly famous reflections on first love from The Vagabond.
Just the Three of Us: An Erotic Romantic Comedy for the Commitment-Challenged - Chapter 1, by LoriSchafer
Date added: 2015-05-09 Total reads: 1060
The first chapter from my just-published erotic novel Just the Three of Us: An Erotic Romantic Comedy for the Commitment-Challenged.
Shark Bitten, Twice Shy, by galatea
Date added: 2015-05-07 Total reads: 1034
I turned my eyes back up toward the angry, bouncing sun and lowered my leg back down to the deck. My ankle throbbed with each heartbeat and stabbed at me with every jolting wave, but that pain was nothing compared to how my feelings hurt.
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The Man on the Bridge Pt Two, by DragonLover94
Date added: 2015-04-30 Total reads: 2025
Marissa agrees to go out with her friend and gets a surprise.
To Be Continued..., by galatea
Date added: 2015-04-27 Total reads: 820
The shark descended along the reef's edge, weaving smoothly through the coral. Before it got to the sandy bottom, it kicked, darting out into the channel, moving straight toward Gretchen. As soon as it got to her, she exploded.
Meanwhile at the Temple of the Vestal Virgins, by galatea
Date added: 2015-04-25 Total reads: 1693
He took twenty thousand men to die for his arrogance. No more. If Rome wants to be conquered, then let it. Bring Brennus to me. I will receive him here. (F+M+, Voy)
seducing the detective, by missy0513
Date added: 2015-04-24 Total reads: 4012
Remember Us, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-04-22 Total reads: 1831
Carmen will never forget Heidi
My Body Calls Out For You, by sharonna
Date added: 2015-04-21 Total reads: 3316
Does Nicole have capturing thighs?

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