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List of short stories in the Erotic Romance category at short fiction - back to our genre list

List of short stories by our resident authors within the Erotic Romance genre. Please do leave comments for the writers! Or how about visiting our Short Fiction Forum to chat about the site, stories, and authors?
Erotic romance novels have romance as the main focus of the plot line, and they are characterized by strong, often explicit, sexual content. Erotic romance novels take the reader beyond the bedroom door where more traditional romance does not breach that barrier. The sex scenes, while explicit, are there for the purpose of character development.

Top 10 Most Popular stories in this genre EVER!

Hitchhiking to Ecstasy (32206), lick me clean (27622), An Erotic Awakening (27036), A Birthday Gift (18956), An Island Seduction (18076), I JUST COULDN'T SAY YES (17829), Being watched Part 4 (17174), GAG GIRL 1: A NEIGHBORLY HAND (16169), A Career Girl Ch 01 (15898), Loving Half-Sister (14750),
Not too late after all..., by Magpie
Date added: 2014-08-21 Total reads: 561
Maureen discovers she still has a wild side. m/f chance meeting
Star Boarder, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-08-19 Total reads: 507
Wood Nick and Sage go against the grain of love?...reponses appreciated
Today, I crave..., by AJQuick
Date added: 2014-08-16 Total reads: 1123
Some days you just crave her...
Brandon & Bre, by Kai
Date added: 2014-08-09 Total reads: 1891
I dreamt this one.
The Dance, by Victorian Vixen
Date added: 2014-08-09 Total reads: 1136
I offer to you another long distance exchange between my lover and I.
The story of Kida - Chapter 3, by Kai
Date added: 2014-08-08 Total reads: 453
Knotty Barbeque, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-08-06 Total reads: 1210
Lacy not only spoke a new language Reed could not have been more intertained at his BBQ......comments please
Stamina Man, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-08-05 Total reads: 1953
Can Chelsea keep up with Jeremy?
Summer Morn, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-08-03 Total reads: 1509
Tia felt he was quite the Manley.
Hot Air Balloon, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-31 Total reads: 1847
Darcy would fly to the moon as long as it was with Logan
Lipstick Love, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-28 Total reads: 1709
Callie sure looks good in the shade of Lanepassion....
Linda’s Choice Ch. 03, by KiwiCreator
Date added: 2014-07-27 Total reads: 861
If Bud wants Linda back he accepts he must work on her mother to drop her blockade. He deviously gets real time with Linda's obstructive mother and then waits for something to happen, It's all he can do.
Mine 2, by eagle4906
Date added: 2014-07-27 Total reads: 666
My Medicine Man, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-27 Total reads: 1001
Sadie did actually fall for a man.
The Trainer (Part 18) Blake and Connie go Christmas shopping and have some sexy fun (sex, by JanellElizabethMeyer
Date added: 2014-07-27 Total reads: 1684
Connie is trying to lose weight. She joins a 24 hour gym and finds a handsome trainer to motivate her ... by spanking and tickling!
How Marie Kissed a Girl, by JayKayRisque
Date added: 2014-07-25 Total reads: 2354
This is meant especially for women; it's light-hearted and sexy! Please read it, favourite tipple in hand, in the sunshine (or shaded from the same), ideally on the beach if you're able! Then let me know: can a man write Chick Lit? I'd love to hear from you!
LaZar - chapter four, by coffeebreakfantasies
Date added: 2014-07-25 Total reads: 654
Beware...Tristan is going to break your heart - Mine really aches for him! Enjoy ;)
Linda’s Choice Ch. 02, by KiwiCreator
Date added: 2014-07-25 Total reads: 1329
With Linda out of the picture Bud Wilson gets a new playmate, the boss's daughter.
Long Hot Summer - Chapter 4, by Grajilla
Date added: 2014-07-25 Total reads: 1446
Youth hostelling fun m/f. NB this is an extra chapter to this older story so you may want to remind yourself of earlier chapters - feedback would be appreciated!
Lazar - chapter three, by coffeebreakfantasies
Date added: 2014-07-23 Total reads: 826
If the gods want to punish us - they answer our prayers! And it's getting hot ;)
Linda’s Choice Ch. 01, by KiwiCreator
Date added: 2014-07-23 Total reads: 2278
A former beauty queen returns home after working in European in need of rest and recreation. A male newspaper reporter from her past comes to give her what she wants including sex.
Breaking Susan (Chapter 20), by Twist
Date added: 2014-07-22 Total reads: 1907
Story of Bondage and Submission
LaZar - chapter two, by coffeebreakfantasies
Date added: 2014-07-21 Total reads: 1151
Part two and the tension is heating up ;) Hope you like it!
LaZar - chapter one , by coffeebreakfantasies
Date added: 2014-07-20 Total reads: 1095
Thanks to all of you out there reading my stories and by that firing up my inspiration! Here is the first chapter of a story that literally runs havoc in my mind for some time now! It's gonna be a long one, so I thought I might 'feed' you a chapter a day - Comments are welcome! ;)
Listen to my Words, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-15 Total reads: 1978
Can love exist in a virtual relationship?Jane and Evan were going to make it a reality.
Surprises, by greengrass
Date added: 2014-07-12 Total reads: 5067
Patience is rewarded by a grateful fiancée on a night of sexual revelations.
Rainy Day Love, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-11 Total reads: 2952
Carrah rained her love on Zeke.
Happy Hallowe'en, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-10 Total reads: 846
Super Ava had Mr. Lovely in her mind giving her inspiration to fix anything.
Road to California (Part II), by FritzCalifornia
Date added: 2014-07-10 Total reads: 1120
The second part of the best story ever.
Road to California (Part I), by FritzCalifornia
Date added: 2014-07-07 Total reads: 2249
Just read on ... whatever happens.
Where Magic Dwells, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-07 Total reads: 847
The love of Calib dwells deep within Hannah's heart.
Shower me Love, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-06 Total reads: 2814
Jenna loved being showered with the love of Garth.
A Knight in Shining Amour, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-07-02 Total reads: 1607
Ella and Brock live in a fantasy world of their own. There is nothing better than shining amoure with a real knight.
A Picture Perfect Love Part 2 of 2, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-06-27 Total reads: 1245
Brad certainly was framed for eternity.
A Picture Perfect Love.. Part 1 of 2, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-06-26 Total reads: 1887
Gracie pictured a perfect love that she could hold onto forever.
Red Carpet Ride, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-06-24 Total reads: 3806
Katie loved her carpet ride with Kyle.
Rekindling Shards- Part 8, by eva_tonks
Date added: 2014-06-20 Total reads: 1031
When life offers you a choice to have what is given or toss it aside like a child, most of us choose the latter. But we all have to make a decision one day or another, so does Nina. Her time has come for a decision. To Embrace life or toss it aside like a child. (M/F)
He Fixed Me Fine, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-06-16 Total reads: 7152
Jeremy was no doctor but he could remedy Mace anytime at all.
The Accidental Spy Chapter 13, by harrylime
Date added: 2014-06-16 Total reads: 2410
Reynaldo pulled out long enough to spank her vigorously for taking her release before he gave her permission.
Rekindling Shards- Part 7, by eva_tonks
Date added: 2014-06-12 Total reads: 1712
There are a thousand men out there who would rape her nightly and strike her every turn she makes. A thousand who would tear her dreams apart and abandon her in the night. A thousand who would make her tear and choke in her tears. Yet, she got him. The gentleman.
Daddy teaches me a lesson on my birthday, by Ella
Date added: 2014-06-11 Total reads: 6825
Dandelion Passage, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-06-11 Total reads: 2135
Tory walks a path of hot love right to Rebecca's heart.
honeymoon, by randyralph
Date added: 2014-06-11 Total reads: 5158
Weekend Lover, by Lavar Amare
Date added: 2014-06-08 Total reads: 7028
Two casual lovers develop deeper intimacy after a fantasy weekend together.
Fisherman's Friend, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-06-06 Total reads: 1937
Matt was in for a good catch. Not another fish in the sea like Tory.
Love on the rocks, by bintymagoo
Date added: 2014-06-06 Total reads: 3259
SYNOPSIS: Written in third person. Alex escapes from her brutal and violent husband and runs along the seafront. She collapses with exhaustion and in her semi comatose state feels that she is being carried somewhere. She wakes up in a cave and finds that she has been rescued by a tramp she had s
The Vet, by janus
Date added: 2014-06-06 Total reads: 4462
Het. Virginal 32 year old female makes love. “Saul’s cock was glistening with precum, he was excited, and it was Marcia’s rich pelt of bush and her exposed fleshy lips that had excited him.”
Waiting for Daddy, by Ella
Date added: 2014-06-06 Total reads: 3269
A story about a little who waits in anticipation for her Daddy to come home - BDSM, D/s
You've got 14 minutes to get naked, by gela
Date added: 2014-06-06 Total reads: 7042
seduction in the afternoon.
Artistically Inclined, by sharonna
Date added: 2014-06-04 Total reads: 1568
Cara could draw the love out of Jude in every way.

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